Fabrics, Patterns, Colors and Ornaments

A always careful choice of elements in a continuous search for new trends, new materials and shapes, for an exact light. [ver+]

Metals, Gold, Silver, Copper, Lacquered

In the design of our pieces the structure is also brightness - combined noble materials with textures, colors and the necessary boldness. [ver+]

Art, Design and Technical Execution

All elements gather according with a vision, an idea unifying a desire for beauty.  A vision that can be our own, but also our client's, the designer's, the architect's, the interior decorator's. Our mission is to bring to light those conceived and desired pieces, rigorously, with precision and quality. [ver+]

Adriana Reis

Adriana Reis has begun her journey in this area in 1998, working closely with interior design offices, designers and decorators, private works, public and contract. Her background in design marked this successful path, but above all, her ever dedication to good taste and to the beauty of forms and light, define her.